Symbiotica (razordoll) wrote,

What's The Password? Legalize television!

The three glittery jawas that live in the sink all yelled "mamamanoosh" simultaneously as I dropped in the buttery knife, thus signifying their unanimous greeting, approval, and lack of affectation. I just smiled back as the seemingly dull knife crushed and spread their internal organs to all ends of the chrome basin floor. It appeared to me as if in slow motion and suddenly it became morbidly clear that my hedonism had become militant.

"Why these are nothing more than the deranged ramblings of an eskimo foot soldier!", he chanted monosyllabically from the couch.

It's a good thing there's not a price on my head anymore. After I stole Abraham Lincoln's prosthetic bronze nose a bounty was issued by the 4th sector Mafiakuza. I could in no way see the connection I had unwittedly made with my petty larceny. All former presidents had been disowned by the New Collective Autocracy to which we unwillingly donated our prime numbered brain cells. The N.C.A. parent node is housed in the brain of a telephone psychic who previously deemed itself Evolved Media Hierophant. As you could well imagine, the N.C.A. and the E.M.H. didn't interface well. The first version of our government was called Nemc'ah and forced all it's citizens to rule themselves with an individually serialized and government subsidized iron fist. Despite all of the harshness we thus self imposed, gas prices really went down.
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