Symbiotica (razordoll) wrote,

Band Practice

So we're the kind of band that simply emits the cool vibes that all the proxima-yuppies desire to soothe their shattered nerves. We all play in a line except for the drummer of course who keeps her subliminal beat pounding so steady that most forget about their presence right out. We wear a matching uniform with a variable number of zippers depending on rank and length of service. We all have names that must never be spoken without a properly trained and hollowly perpetuated accent of the lower east sector. By that sector I of course mean the one that we frequent. We were raised in our respective pods with lovely sets of pod-parents. They were reputed to be all the more manageable and retained a master control over their interference levels perfectly counter balanced with their level of nurturing.

We ourselves, unlike the uberhip bands that disrupt the embryonic static flow so far removed from public access, were sympathetically linked to our target audience. They needed us just as much as we needed them; a beautiful apex of symbiosynthetic engineering. A brave time is now upon us. Raise your hands toward the heavens and grab for a piece of emancipation. The media as we know it is now dissolved into quasi-liberal myosis. Now we all have a share in the pixels beamed to us at 60 frames per unit. The dynamic expressed is no longer a shard of our core infrastructure but rather that of the negation of the crater left by the lack of its parts.

Band practice sucked today.
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